Plan for city block Mellemdal

Illustrated plan drawing of Mellemdal

City planning project with Linus Hedrén and Anton Köhler titled Mellemdal.

Proposal for Margaretedal in Lund with a street car station, housing, square and bars and resturants on top of existing garage.

Site plan

The original site

Zoning of site

Movement diagram

Street cars in Mellemdal

Walkways in autumn

Pop-up possibilities

Cross section through Mellemdal

Kämpa Ottar

Logo for Kämpa Ottar

This piece of furniture is titled Kämpa Ottar and is inspired by Ottar.

Elise ”Ottar” Ottesen Nielsen (1886-1973) was a sex educator, anarchist agitator and women right’s activist from Norway. She were very much a pioneer in these issues and fought hard to better the conditions for Scandinavia’s working class.

She worked as an journalist, writing her own columns and traveled through Sweden as a sex educator during a time when sex education was illegal.

Ottar worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of the working class women, to spread knowledge and awareness and for the rights to one’s own body and sexuality.

Steel and fiberglass.

The feet are actually the weakest part

The light bulb underneath was a late addition

Kontrakult - center for music of social change

Logo for Kontrakult

Center for study, preservation and development of culture for social change. Library, archive, studios for recording to contribute to knowledge of the importance of culture in societal exchange.

Three floors, studios and archive in the basement, library and reception on ground floor and performance venue on the upper floor.

Elevation north

Elevation east

Elevation south

Elevation west

Floor plan ground floor

Floor plan top floor

Floor plan cellar

Cross section A-A

Cross section B-B

Isometric view

Site plan