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SEMusicLab clay wall mockup

Cover image for SEMusicLab clay wall mockup

Gramazio Kohler Research’s MAS DFAB pavilion project 2019/2020.

Quarter of circular undulating clay wall 5 m high with a 6 m radius built using a method of robotic clay aggregation developed at MAS DFAB. Built to test construction height and openings. The structure was built by a small team in 3 weeks.

Year 2020
Location Lehmag, Brunnen, Switzerland
Role Student, robot control lead
Team David Jenny, Coralie Ming, Edurne Morales Zúñiga, Jomana Baddad, Indra Santosa, Tsai Ping, Eliott Sounigo & Anton Tetov Johansson
Industry partners Lehmag AG & Brauchli Ziegelei AG

Loading of material at Brauchli Ziegelei. Photo by Jomana Baddad

Site overview. Photo by David Jenny

Placing. Photo by Indra Santosa

Placing closeup. Ping-Hsun Tsai in background. Photo by Indra Santosa

Closeup of material. Photo by Jomana Baddad

Placing pattern. Photo by Coralie Ming