Some videos related to paper on Self-organised construction

I’ve co-authored a paper together with David Andrén1, Ana Godeia2 and Erik Hildorson3 that has been accepted by the Self-Organised Construction conference in Umeå this summer. I’m honestly not sure if I can publish the paper on this site (yet).

More videos found in this album.

The paper is titled Swarm materialization through discrete, nonsequential additive fabrication and describes how a swarm of agents could be modeled using a dual approach of computer simulation and 3D-printing. The 3D-printing process and building proposal I created with Erik as part of our Master’s studio Spatial Experiments I, during fall 2018, is described as a starting point for this proposed swarm modeling process.

  1. Senior lecturer at LTH, School of Architecture, and studio head of Spatial Experiments. [return]
  2. Ph.D. Student at LTH School of Architecture. [return]
  3. Fellow Master’s student. [return]