Work experience

2021 –
Working with the research project Biomimetic fabrication through robotic 3D-printing. Research conducted in a collaboration between the Department of Architecture & Built Environment, the Department of Automatic Control and the Construction Robotics lab. Responsibilities included project management, software and hardware prototyping and development, academic writing and experimentation.
2022 –
In the research project Eurostars SelectiCa, a collaboration between the LTH Robot Lab and Proxima Centauri ApS. Responsibilities included project management, software and hardware prototyping and development, academic writing and experimentation.
2021 – 2022
In the research project Digitalisation and Standardisation for Customized Mass Production, a collaboration between the Department of Automatic Control, IUC Syd/IUC lab and SWEP international. Responsibilities included project management, software and hardware prototyping and development, academic writing and experimentation.
Full scale on site construction of clay wall for SEMusicLab in Bern.
Code documentation and testing, assistance in acoustic experiments.
3D-printer repair and maintenance.
2017 – 2018
Ten month internship working mostly in residential projects from proposal to tender.
2017 – 2019
Assisting and teaching in digital tool courses for architecture students in year 1–3.

Architect trainee at Accent Arkitekter, Värnamo

Four week full-time internship in 2016 and an additional four weeks in 2017.

Academic achievements

2014 – 2021

Master of Architecture

2019 – 2020

Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication

Work samples

2020 – 2021

Meristem Wall, binder-jet sand 3D-printed prototype for building envelope

Meristem Wall is a prototype of a fully 3d printed building envelope. It is made using sand binder jetting by Voxeljet and Sandhelden, complemented by a custom CNC knitted fabric developed and fabricated in collaboration with Dr. Mariana Popescu of Block Research Group at ETH Zürich. The wall is designed using an interdependent model that negotiates the space and relationship between a wide range of functions including utilities such as electric wiring, aesthetic preferences, structural performance, and bioclimatic considerations. This self-organising simulation is capable of creating unique compositions of space to fit a wide range of context and functional needs.
LocationBiodigital Futures, part of the Venice Biennale collateral event Time Space Existence
  • development of digital workflow
  • performance optimization of volumetric modeling tools
ContextbioDigital Matter, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, LTH & Block Research Group, ETH Zürich
2020 – 2021

Clay Rotunda / SEMusicLab, indoor circular clay wall

A circular undulating clay wall 5 m high with a 6 m radius built using a method of robotic clay aggregation developed at MAS DFAB and in my thesis project Adaptive Clay Formations. The project was preceded by the construction of a full scale prototype of a quarter of final design in Brunnen, Switzerland. The wall is built to surround a acoustic lab built in a new co-working space in the Gurtenbrauerei in Bern.
LocationGurtenbrauerei, Bern, Switzerland
  • research & development
  • programming lead
  • on site construction
ContextGramazio Kohler Research. Project partners: Gotham Design, Lehmag & Seforb

Adaptive Clay Formations, clay wall segment

MAS DFAB thesis project where a robotic clay aggregation method developed at MAS DFAB were further explored and refined. The project resulted in a 3.2 m long and 1.2 m high wall segment built using a six axis industrial robot mounted on a movable platform, and built with the robot re-localized three times. In this project we refined robot end effector, we experimented with feedback driven fabrication and trajectory planning for the robotic arm. The project was undertaken by Edurne Morales Zúñiga and myself with tutors David Jenny, Coralie Ming, Nicolas Feihl & Gonzalo Casas at Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich.
LocationRobotic Fabrication Lab, ETH Zürich
  • research & development
  • programming lead
  • on site construction
ContextMAS DFAB 19/20, ETH Zürich

Digital Bamboo Pavilion, bamboo outdoor structure

40 m² pavilion made out of straight bamboo members and bespoke 3D-printed nylon joints. Designed and built by the whole class of MAS DFAB 19/20, project led by Marirena Kladeftira at Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zürich.
LocationZentrum Architektur Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Roleteam member in design team
ContextMAS DFAB 19/20, ETH Zürich

Swallows’ Nest, clay model

Research project into bio-mimetics and clay printing where a method of discrete depositions of clay globules using an off-the-shelf 3D printer was developed. With Erik Hildorsson at Spatial Experiments, a studio led by David Andréen & Ana Goidea.
LocationSchool of Architecture, LTH, Lund
Roledesign studio student
ContextSpatial Experiments, School of Architecture, LTH


Johansson, A., & Morales Zúñiga, E. (2021). Adaptive Clay Formations [Lund University].
Andréen, D., Goidea, A., Johansson, A., & Hildorsson, E. (2019). Swarm Materialization Through Discrete, Nonsequential Additive Fabrication. 2019 IEEE 4th International Workshops on Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems (FAS*W), 225–230.

Teaching experience

2021 –

Spatial Experiments I, School of Architecture, LTH, Lund University

Design studio at the Masters programme at the School of Architecture. Mainly technical assistance (e.g. 3D-printing, robotics).
2021 –

Creative Tools I, School of Architecture, LTH, Lund University

Course in computational design and digital fabrication. Mainly technical assistance (e.g. robot control).
2017 – 2019

Digital Tools II, School of Architecture, LTH, Lund University

Teaching assistant



  • Material extrusion 3D printers (FDM & clay)
  • CNC milling
  • laser cutting
  • cutting plotter
  • robotic arms (ABB, UR, Stäubli, ROS-I)


  • Containerization (Docker, Podman)
  • Continuous Integration (GitHub Actions, Travis CI, GitLab Runners)
  • Automated server management (Ansible)
  • Cloud computing (Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean)
  • LAMP/LEMP stacks


  • Architectural (Rhino3D, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD)
  • Solid modeling (Autodesk Fusion 360, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD)
  • Animation and rendering (Blender, Houdini, VRay)
  • Electrical circuit design (KiCAD)


  • Python (NumPy, SciPy, OpenCV)
  • C
  • C++ (ROS, CGAL)
  • C# (Rhino.Common)
  • SQL
  • JavaScript (TypeScript, React)
  • GraphQL
  • Bash & Posix SH

Graphic design

  • Image manipulation (Adobe PhotoShop)
  • UI & vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator, InkScape, Figma)
  • Print layout (Adobe Indesign)
  • Web design (CSS, SCSS, CSS-in-JS)



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